Back to GCC - in real life, seeing actual people!

Important information..


So from the 6th June we’re getting back to GCC, and it's going to be great to see you all again.  It’ll be different for a while so we want to let you know what to expect and what you may need to do.

It’s our hope and prayer that the precautions and practical procedures that we have taken will reassure people that we are going to open up as safe as we can, and in line with the Government recommendations.

Below is detailed information about our Sunday services, Creche and Sunday school.

Services on Sundays

There will be 2 services, one at 9:45am and one at 11:15am.  They will both have the same songs, and same message, so don’t feel you’ll be missing out.  You need to just choose which one of the two services you want to be at.

During the first service, a creche and Sunday school will be available.  Details of this can be seen below.

During the second service, we will have a Farsi translation available during the service.

To come to one of the services you will need to book.  This can be done by either emailing, or by clicking the button '"Book Here".

We will then confirm with you, via email, that there is space available, and also provide you with some instructions, and information that we need you to follow.

We ask that you arrive in good time to give us time to confirm you have a booking, but also that you have not developed any Covid symptoms, or been with someone who has been told to isolate 10 days prior to the service. 

You will be asked to sanitise your hands, wear your mask and will then be guided to your seat by one of the stewards.

Sadly, singing will not be allowed during the service, but we can’t wait till the day we can hear you singing again inside!

We will ask you not to mingle inside, but when you go outside you will be able to meet for a while, keeping social distancing, which is in line with current guidance. 

Key do’s and do nots for the Services.

You won't be able to sing indoors.  You will need to wear a mask. You will need to keep social distancing.   You won't be able to mingle indoors.  You can mingle outdoors, but still maintain social distancing.  You will be asked to hand sanitise.


Creche (First service only)

We are delighted to welcome children from 0 to 4 (up to reception age). During this pandemic we are going to need to do things a little bit differently and we want to ensure that you as parents and carers feel confident that your child is safe and happy!


Below is some information that is important to read. There are further details attached which provide a more comprehensive overview. Should you have any questions then please do feel free to contact

As with any attendance, please book, using the link on the website, or email, to attend the church service.  Ensure that you book each child that will be attending too. The only service that will hold a creche is the first one at 9:45am. 


In the first 3 weeks (6th to 27th June 2021), parents will be asked to stay with their child.  For some children this might be their first experience of being left with another adult at church or anywhere or their first time being left at Creche since the pandemic began.  We will be running 3 specific stay and play sessions in order to settle your children.  On the 27th June, parents will be encouraged to leave if they wish to and will be texted if they need to return to the room.


Due to the age of the children, it will be hard for helpers to maintain social distancing, therefore as a church we realise that you might want to stay with your child during the session.  This is absolutely fine, but as a parent, a mask should be worn if possible. 


Helpers will ensure that they have washed and sanitised their hands before the session and will be responsible to cleaning and ensuring that they keep your child happy and safe during their time in creche.


As a church we are required to follow the guidance for ‘Early years’ settings.  This can be found by clicking here.

Arriving at creche


Creche will be taking place at Cookridge Village Hall. Please enter creche via main entrance, signing in from 9:35am.  


You will have to confirm you or your child are not experiencing Covid symptoms, and have not been asked to self isolate in the 10 days prior to the day.  One you have signed in and sanitised your hands, you will be able to take your child to creche by being directed down a corridor from the main hall to the room at the back of the village hall.  This will be a one way system, so please do not return to the main hall back up this corridor.

Please ensure that if your child is either potty training or no longer requires nappies that you take them to the toilet before leaving them in creche.  We will have use of both toilets and there should only be 1 family in each toilet facility at a time.  The toilet is on the corridor will only by used by Creche, and will be cleaned before people arrive. We suggest you use this on your way down the corridor to the creche room.

Please arrive with clean hands.   Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time with their hands in their mouths so we appreciate that hand sanitizer might not be suitable for your child.  Either washing with soapy water or a baby wipe will help minimise the risk. 


Please do not bring toys from home apart from one special toy which might help settle your child.  This will only be able to be used by your child.  In the scenario that they lose interest in the toy, it will be placed in a basket for any items that belong to your child.


When you do go back to the main hall to join the service,  we ask that you leave the creche room by exiting through the back door and then go back into the main hall via the main entrance. ​

We would ask that you return to collect your child promptly at the end of the service, and again leave using the one way system and do not return to the main hall. 


We are really looking to forward to welcoming you and having lots of fun together! 

Sunday School (First service only)

Sunday School for children aged from reception to year 6 (4-11) will be run from Cookridge Methodist Church, at the end of the road to Cookridge Village Hall from 9.45am until the end of the morning service (held at Cookridge Village Hall).

This information will help you know how to book your child into the Sunday School and also how we are going to keep you, your child and our helpers safe, and in line with current Covid requirements.

Firstly, book your child/ren a space using the button on the home page, or at the top of this page. 


We ask that you drop your child/ren off at Cookridge Methodist church between 9:30am and 9:45am. You will be met at the main entrance and asked to sign your child/ren in, confirming that you and your family have not been asked to self isolate, or that you have not developed any COVID symptoms.  

After sign in, they will be asked to hand sanitise and will then be taken by a leader to the room where Sunday school will take place.  

We ask that parents socially distance whilst dropping off, and that a mask is worn during sign in. Leaders will be wearing masks whilst helping children get to the room, but will remove them once the children are sat and ready. 


If you have attended the morning service, we ask that you return to collect your child by the latest of 10:45am.  Parents will not be allowed to go inside the building.  


Children are to be collected from the side of the building, (just to the side of the main entrance), and you will need to wait for your child to be brought out to you.

Leaders will bring  the children out one at a time.

Please send your child with a bible and their own stationary (pen, pencil, rubber) and it would be helpful if they have used the toilet before arriving at the Methodist Church. 


We are really praying that as we restart Sunday school, this will be a encouragement to you and your child.  We are taking measures  to keep them safe, and pray that we see you soon.

Risk assessments will be available on request if necessary.

For more information please contact 

Zoom Sunday School

If you are not coming to the Sunday school in person, we will be able to offer a zoom link for the Sunday school session at 9:45am.  In order to do this, you will need to register your interest to be involved in this.  Please email to register interest so that we can send you the relevant link. Only the leader will be able to see this, and not the whole Sunday school class.

Online Services

We will no longer from 6th June, be offering a zoom streamed service.  We will instead, upload the service each Sunday afternoon for viewing.


We will update you when we hear about any new guidance issued and as soon as possible when the guidance does change, we will look to resuming a single Sunday Service at 11am. 

We will also update you on other ministries run by GCC that we are hoping to restart in person as soon as we are able. 

We look forward to seeing you.

GCC Family.